It is the goal of Living Faith Baptist Church to develop fully mature disciples of Christ who engage in kingdom work for a lifetime. To accomplish this we create a circle of discipleship that flows seamlessly from one stage into the next. We believe that you are not truly a disciple of Christ until you are a disciple maker for Christ. 


The circle of discipleship takes place in three stages: 

In the first stage we do Outreach and Service Events. These events are hosted once a month for the specific purpose of connecting to lost and un-churched students in our community and inviting them to join us in what God is doing at Living Faith. This is a non-threatening atmosphere where students can come, have fun and make a positive impact in someone’s life. Actively involved students who grasp the purpose of outreach and service will invite friends to participate. We believe that when committed students show up alone they’ve missed the purpose.

The second stage of the discipleship circle is our mid-week Youth Group on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. This time is a mixture of fun activities and bible study. This is the entry point into the youth group. Not only will teenagers be introduced to who God is and what it means to be a Christian but they will also engage in activities to build strong friendships. The goal in this stage is for students to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and discover healthy ways to interact with their peers. We believe that by knowing God on a deeper level and living their faith out in the context of community they will fall more in love with God and the mission of the church.

The third stage is involvement in a small group bible study. These are offered at 9am on Sunday mornings. The small group bible studies serve to call students into a deeper commitment level to God and are an outlet for the ministry opportunities of stage one. We accomplish our goal for this stage by providing a safe environment to explore God’s Word, fellowship, be accountable, and minister. 

We believe that service and missions are absolutely crucial to the spiritual development of students as well as to our mission of developing fully mature disciples of Christ who engage in kingdom work for a lifetime. We seek to provide opportunities for students to live out the love of Christ in a tangible way by serving the community alongside their church in intergenerational ministry. The youth engage in the overarching vision and purpose of the church and do not exist as an entity unto itself. Ultimately, we want teenagers to see themselves as the church.